what is astro-gong?

Astro-gong  is  an  experience  to  help  participants  connect  with  an  awareness  around  their  cosmic  journey  here  on  earth.    We  will  focus  on  astrological  alignments  while  paying  reverence  to  cycles  such  as  the  Moon  and  the  Sun.    We  will  help  you  sink  in  and  let  go  with  a  guided  meditation  and gong bath to  help  you  connect  on  every  level.    Take  a  journey  into  the  realm  of  the  infinite,  to  a  world  of  possibility.    Experience  a  powerful  connection  with  the  cosmic  and  divine.    

what is a gong bath?

A gong bath is like a very deep and lasting massage using sound.  The Gong attunes the physical body to the highest possible vibration, while passively clearing and cleansing the mind on every level.  Because Gongs are attuned to archetypal energies of astrology this is an experience that connects with our deeper subconscious layers.  It’s usually experienced lying down on your back for meditation.  It triggers a meditative, contemplative state in which we have the opportunity to let go of the busy mind and have a holiday from ourselves.  Your entire being is reset to a state of harmony and alignment.

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